Living in the Innovation Crescent™ means having just about everything. Located in the heart of Georgia and encompassing the city of Atlanta as well as rural and agricultural locations still well-connected to the transportation and technology infrastructure, the Innovation Crescent provides access to countless activities, attractions and events for people of all ages. Georgia’s moderate climate and cost of living that’s below the national average enable residents to take advantage of a lifestyle that can be enjoyed both indoors and out.

When it comes to terrain, Georgia offers it all, from beaches, forests and wilderness to mountains, lakes, rivers and streams. The state is home to 60 state parks and 12 national parks, a variety of public and private golf courses, hundreds of tennis courts and a range of outdoor activities and attractions.

Museums and galleries are plentiful in Georgia, with the renowned Woodruff Arts Center, High Museum of Art and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra all based in the Innovation Crescent. The Georgia Aquarium, the world’s largest, and Stone Mountain Park are also located in the Crescent, as well as professional sports teams like the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Hawks to name a few.

But, it’s not only these aspects that draw people to the region. A family of communities with their own unique personalities can be found in the Innovation Crescent:  thriving “edge cities,” college towns, historic districts and towns surrounded by rolling horse farms. From urban to suburban and beyond, these areas offer Southern charm, modern amenities and friendly neighbors. Once people move to Georgia, they can find it difficult to ever leave.

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